Our Work

At DonPhills Foundation, our work is a blend of creating opportunities and providing solutions to enhance the betterment of lives thereby contributing positively towards national growth.

Our Goal

Raising a large number of poor but intelligent people into becoming entrepreneurs and reaching out to the physically displaced.

Our Aims & Objectives

Provide Educational Supports for students, especially the less privileged/indigent children through the provision of Financial Assistance/Educational Materials and Encourage students to study by engaging them in intellectually challenging, competitive/social activities that carries appreciable benefits/prizes.

Embark on Humanitarian Services through visitations to Schools, Hospitals, Orphanages/Old People's Home, Widows Support, Response to Financial Needs and other related avenues.

Partner with Government Agencies, Parastatals, Corporate Organizations, Multinationals, Non-Governmental Organizations -NGOs, Community-Based Organization -CBOs and Spirited Individuals in raising a standard to contain youths' restiveness, educational standard for youths and creating a decent/healthy society especially in the rural communities.

Establish a Centre for Special Training and Skills Acquisition as a Direct-Impact Policy targeted at boosting the social status of vulnerable members of the society.


Is majorly on putting smiles on the faces of those poor petty traders who sell on the streets by elevating them into having better Small and Medium Enterprises - SME.

our focus

Is to build a state of the art medical facility for the general public free of charge and complementing our focus by building free schools mainly for the downtrodden. 

Services We Render

- Advocacy on Anti-Corruption

- Leadership Training

- Public Safety and Security through training

- Rehabilitation and Reintegration Initiative

- People Development Project

- Community Peace and Conflict Resolution

- Community Based Economic Empowerment and Development Scheme

- Nigeria Local Content Act Compliance Initiative Training for people to know their Rights

- Advocacy for Internal Democratic Culture in our Body Politics

- Gender Development Training (GDP)

We visualize our aim of bring a total solution hub and look forward to your association to the benefit of all,

Our Periodic Programmes

- Prayer Sessions for Peace, Prosperity and Love.

- Economic Development Summit.

- Youth Development Summit.

- Public Enlightenment Campaigns.

- Education Capacity Building.

- Security Awareness.

- Empowerment through Entrepreneurship Development.