DonPhills Foundation Performance





October, 2018

Performance Policy


Annual Performance Evaluation

The annual performance evaluation is the analysis, based on documentation from previous stages of the process, of an employee’s work record. The evaluation addresses two fundamental questions. The first relates to the past and involves verifying what was accomplished qualitatively and quantitatively during the year. The second relates to the future and consists of identifying means to be considered to ensure the employee continues to grow and develop.


The performance evaluation form should include all the sections needed for the evaluation. This includes a section relating to performance evaluation in relation to the objectives established at the outset and in relation to the responsibilities of the position, a section that specifies or targets what is needed for the employee’s development and finally a section allowing the employee and the evaluator to express their comments and affix their respective signatures. The form should also include a performance level classification and a definition of each of these levels.


The annual performance evaluation does not have any financial impact on salaries. It is first and foremost a tool to evaluate the employee’s performance and take remedial action if necessary.


1.12.3 Skill Training and Professional Development


Depending on available funds, DonPhills Foundation should foster the professional development of its employees in order to be as effective as possible in its activities. The training programs chosen should address the actual needs identified and expressed during performance evaluation sessions.


1.13 Bond


As part of the staff and organizational development activities, DonPhills Foundation may at times decide to send a designated staff person for trainings and/or further studies both abroad as well as at local level. DonPhills Foundation will bear the full/partial costs of the trainings/studies for this.


However, the designated staff sponsored for the trainings/studies is required to sign a bond with DonPhills Foundation that requires him/her to complete the full tenure of working with the organization.