Settling Grievance

DonPhills Foundation Settling Grievance





October, 2018


Settling Grievance Policy


1.11.3 Grievances


If an employee feels unfairly treated by circumstances that infringe on his/her rights or change his/her employment conditions, he/she should discuss the situation with his/her immediate supervisor. If, after the matter has been discussed and corrective measures taken, an employee feels it has not been satisfactorily settled, he/she can submit a grievance to the Executive Director, who will discuss and provide appropriate solution. All grievances shall be handled internally because there is no recourse to external mediation or arbitration.


1.12 PerformanceEvaluationandSkillTraining


1.12.1 PerformanceEvaluationSystem


The performance evaluation system is a means by which DonPhills Foundation can increase its efficiency and that of its employees. The purpose of the system is for the organization to fulfill its mission by attaining its objectives and for employees to grow and feel fulfilled through proactive performance supervision.


The system enables, among other things, the harmonizing of individual employee objectives with those of the organization, the measuring of employee potential and work performance and the support of employee improvement by working with them on their development needs.


The annual performance evaluation seeks specifically to:


• promote communication between employees and their supervisors;

• clarify expectations concerning objectives and performance;

• improve employee performance through on-going monitoring and feedback;

• assess and reward individual performance;

• allow employees to express their career aspirations.


The performance evaluation focuses on the individual employee in relation to the tasks and responsibilities assigned to him. It is not necessarily a comparison of one employee’s performance with that of another. Thus, the employee’s work performance is to be assessed in relation to absolute procedures, that is, according to the evaluator’s performance criteria and not according to relative procedures.


The performance evaluation also allows DonPhills Foundation to assess the quality of human resources in their department or organization, note important information concerning expectations and needs and clarify decisions concerning transfers or work assignments.